Tbaar has been a successful brand in New York Since 2006. Tbaar serves high quality of productions and supplements, which include 100% Fresh juices, smoothies, and bubble tea. Our first store was opened in Brooklyn, NY in 2006.Currently we have over 20 stores in the US, which includes New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas. We are continuing to grow and expand rapidly. "Make Life Fresh" is the slogan of our corporation. Tbaar is not only a juice bar or a tea house, we encourage everyone to live a healthier and greener lifestyle.
“Tasty, Healthy, Creative"

Tbaar Corporation is a start-up business in New York City, we provide premium teas, Fruit Smoothie and 100% fresh juices.
Bubble tea

Our ingredients are shipped directly from a company located in Taiwan. We only choose the finest premium tea such as Earl Grey, Jasmine Green tea, and roasted oolong tea. We have distribution contracts with high quality tea growers around the world.

Our well trained employees are committed to brewing the highest quality tea. We customize our drinks per customer needs (hot and iced, sugar level, ice level etc.). By using all kinds of brewed teas, we are able to offer different flavored bubble tea such as coconut, taro, passion fruit and many more.

We created high quality recipe with seasonal fresh fruits. One of our most popular smoothie is the Mango & Orange smoothie, it is not only ice blended with fresh mango and orange but it also has chunks of fresh mango mixed in. Furthermore, we have invented a special set of smoothies called "The 12 constellations smoothie", which allows customer to select their smoothie based on their birthday.
Fresh Fruit/Vegetable Juice

"Healthy, Healthy, Healthy"
We select fresh fruit and vegetable daily from local markets in order to provide customer with the most fresh, healthy and high quality drinks.

"No ice, No water, No sugar"
Our 100% natural fresh juices have no sugar added. The great taste is from the fresh fruit.

"Juice for a purpose"
No matter what your goal is, whether it is to lose weight, to gain more energy, or to achieve more vitamins, we have a drink for everyone. We created the "purpose juice" for you which can fulfill your needs by using the nutrition and vitamins from the fruits.

"2oz wheatgrass juices=4lbs of vegetable"
Our Organic Wheatgrass juices provide energy, vitamins and nutrition. It has become one of our bestselling drinks. In addition, we can mix vegetable into smoothie to create a healthier taste.